House Lemoor

House Lemoor is a family of respectable wealth but only moderate influence. Unlike other more powerful houses who constantly meddle in Quadrivium’s government and economy, the Lemoor family only does what it has to in order to maintain its status, wealth, and estate. The house instead concerns itself with honor, as the family Lemoor has a long history of martial mastery.

Combat Styles

House Lemoor practices a very unusual coming-of-age tradition. In order for any child of Lemoor lineage to inherit the rights and wealth of the family, they have to invent a truly unique fighting style. The style must be creative, effective, and completely original. They begin practicing combat and researching tactics as early as age 12. On the prospective heir’s 18th birthday, they are brought to a secret dueling chamber deep beneath the manor. There, they must do combat with the spirits of Lemoors long past, moving within ornate stone statues. If the heir performs valiantly, the ancestors will give their blessings and the style will be recorded in the Lemoor Battle Archive.

Lemoor fighting styles are typically eccentric and seemingly impractical, but all hold the advantage of catching their opponent off-guard. Enhancing combat with magic is acceptable as long as it’s creative and reliable. Earlier styles included fighting with whip-daggers or returning throwing axes, whereas newer styles are as outlandish as fighting with ladders, musket axes, or magically augmented facial hair.

House Lemoor

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