Gardens District


The Gardens District is located in the center of the 3rd terrace of Quadrivium, directly beneath the Royal District. It shares the terrace with the Magic District and the Temple District to the east and west respectively. It’s known for wealthy families and enterprises, extravagant arboretums, flowing channels, and aesthetic beauty. The Gardens has the greatest population of Elves in the city, and the architecture reflects this. No expense is spared at the construction and maintenance of public works in this district.

Politics and Power

Due to its proximity to the Royal District, members of the Gardens are more inclined to follow the laws of the royal family and the Quadrivian Council than other districts. Scholars tend to be loyal to their respective schools, and rarely concern themselves with political matters unless it either interrupts their studies or is the subject of their studies. Law enforcement is fairly lax, as most criminals cannot afford to travel to, or stay in, the district. Most crimes committed in the district are subtle, organized, and extremely lucrative.

Most Elves limit their interest in legal matters to those of the Elven Order of Quadrivium, an organization with little authority over city matters but incredible influence over Elven opinions. They organize public works, maintain the district’s flora, and submit the concerns of the Elven population as a whole to the Throne and Council.


  1. The Moon Court
  2. The Star Steppes
  3. Lorekeeper’s Commons

Gardens District

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