The Eight Districts


The Eight Districts of Quadrivium are separate sections of the city that differ radically in function, style, and mindset. They are as much their own small cities as they are cogs in the greater mechanism that is Quadrivium’s infrastructure. Some are separated merely by walls or channels, while others are divided by terraces. In general, the higher the altitude of the District, the more wealthy it is.

Politics and Power

Each District is expected to follow rules set by the royal family and the Quadrivian Council, though the degree to which they follow these rules varies by District. Districts have their own figureheads of authority, whether recognized or not by the royal house and Council, that the citizens of that District respect more than those of other parts of the city. While the Lord or Lady of Quadrivium is said to have nigh-unquestionable power, citizens of the Temple District will sooner follow the edicts of the Archbishop, as would the Harbor District residents to the strongest reigning Don.

The Districts

The Eight Districts

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